The Rise of Fetal and Neonatal Physiology: Basic Science to Clinical Care

The Rise of Fetal and Neonatal Physiology: Basic Science to Clinical Care
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Included in this book are reminisces of several dozen individuals who played a vital role in these developments. Overall, this survey considers a number of aspects of the development of the science of fetal and neonatal physiology, and its role in the greatly improved care of pregnant women and their newborn infants. This book is published on behalf of the American Physiological Society by Springer. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser.

Biomedical Sciences Human Physiology. Perspectives in Physiology Free Preview. Show next edition. Loma Linda received worldwide acclaim when Buettner and a team of National Geographic researchers identified five regions of the world where people live noticeably healthier and longer lives. This resource is of paramount importance to the success of the project.

First, it is remarkably innovative, making use of matchless research data and underutilized expertise to great advantage. Second, it is eminently fundable; capable of attracting major grants from multiple sources. We should do everything possible to get this project started. According to an article on the Blue Zones website, bluezones. Wareham, MD, who turned in October Thirty or 40 years ago he is not sure exactly when , Wareham, a cardiac surgeon, observed that the coronary arteries of the meat eaters he operated on were far more clogged than those of his vegetarian and vegan patients.

As a result, he decided to go vegan, being careful to include lots of fruits, whole grains, vegetables and nuts — which have been associated with cardiac health — in his diet. Duerksen-Hughes concurs. He finally retired in , at the age of 95, but has scarcely been idle since. At the age of , he drives his own car and mows his own lawn.

He and his wife, Barbara, maintain an active social life in their church and community. A substance derived from the sea promotes blood clotting and reduces inflammation, but is it also a powerful weapon in the war on bladder cancer? Bladder cancer is deadly. Although the specific condition targeted in this study — a type of bladder cancer that does not spread into the muscle layer of the bladder wall — is not as dangerous as more advanced forms, there is strong demand for better treatments. Before chitosan can be tested on humans, however, pre-clinical studies must establish that the plasma-treated variety meets baseline values for cleanliness and safety without significant loss of functionality.

During that discussion, Crofton told Gulley that he and Kirsch were developing a procedure for purifying chitosan with nitrogen gas plasma to enable its use as an implantable blood-clotting agent in surgery. The Phase II study will also compare the performance and cost of the chitosan and IL combination to similar products. Gulley became very interested. He said the NCI had tested the combination of chitosan and interleukin IL , an immune molecule, and found it to be highly effective against bladder cancer in mice.

However, the combination could not advance to clinical trials because of the lack of sufficiently purified chitosan to safely implant in humans. Kirsch conceived the idea for using nitrogen gas plasma to produce a grade of chitosan that meets FDA standards for internal use by humans. As they talked, Gulley and Crofton suddenly realized nitrogen gas plasma might be the solution. Kirsch, who has been studying chitosan for more than 20 years, was delighted when Crofton said the National Institute of Health NIH might be interested in funding research into his nitrogen gas plasma process.

Because chitosan is harvested from the sea, Kirsch says it contains very high levels of endotoxins. According to Louis R. The word denotes the process of inactivating toxins that produce fever and inflammation. Together we hope to discover immunotherapies that can change the face of medicine and improve the lives of patients.

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This is our mission and our collective goal. Crofton hopes the project will save lives. Vegetarians were divided into three categories: 5, were vegans who ate only plant-based foods; 21, were lacto-ovo vegetarians who supplemented their vegetarian diet with dairy products and eggs; and 7, were pesco-vegetarians who ate fish, but no other meats. Together, the three vegetarian groups represented approximately 46 percent of study participants.

According to Michael J. Orlich, MD, a researcher at Loma Linda University School of Public Health and lead author of the article, the findings confirm the potential advantages of vegetarian nutrition. The study, which evaluated dietary habits and mortality patterns among 73, members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the United States and Canada, found that vegetarians experienced 12 percent fewer deaths during the six-year course of the investigation than their peers who ate meat.

Thanks to the findings of Adventist Health Study-2, the world is waking up to the fact that vegetarians live longer and die older than their meat-eating peers. The story generated an international media buzz.

Within two weeks, it was published in 86 media outlets, including TIME. News and the Daily Express of London, England. In the study, 35, participants regularly ate meat while another 4, ate meat, poultry and fish on an infrequent basis. Together, the two meat-eating groups represented approximately 54 percent of study participants. AHS has been gathering long-term, or longitudinal, data on the dietary and lifestyle habits and health status and outcomes of Adventists in the United States and Canada since Fraser says individuals who share their personal health information with AHS researchers are crucial to its success.

He says the information they share provides data that is critical to the scientific outcomes of the study. He urges study participants to update their contact information with AHS researchers every two years. Fraser reports. The funding will support the continuing exploration of the relationship between dietary habits and incidence of cancer among various populations of Seventh-day Adventists for five more years.

A complicated collaboration Two Loma Linda University School of Medicine researchers bring notable grants to the school while redefining the meaning of collaborative partnership. In , the duo — John H. Zhang believes researchers will discover lifesaving new treatments and prevention strategies.

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When the failure of their original research hypothesis led to unexpected complications, these clever investigators improvised their way to success. The objective — to determine if studying together enhances academic performance — soon became complicated. Zhang attributes the difficulty to long walks beside the Yangzi and Jialing rivers and the fact that he found it difficult to concentrate while studying with Tang. The couple married February 29, , the only day they could both miss work. Later, they realized the date consigns them to just one anniversary every four years. Today, Zhang and Tang work together on a variety of exciting research projects designed to enhance the health and quality of life for patients at Loma Linda University Health, in China and throughout the world.

A Loma Linda University School of Nursing researcher is helping women in Chhattisgarh, a state in central India, recover from the grief of losing a child during pregnancy. How one researcher inspired the government of the second-mostpopulous nation on Earth to reduce the incidence of stillbirth among rural women. Unfortunately, it is often too late for the baby and sometimes for the mother as well.

After collecting data, she returned to California in March to tabulate her findings and complete her doctoral degree. In November , seed money from the Loma Linda University School of Nursing enabled her to return to Chhattisgarh for stage two of her project. In Western medicine, mind and body are often considered separate entities, but in India, they are seen as a unity. Local regulations mandated that Roberts, who is a Christian, use a method not overtly connected to her religion.

Even so, when she tried to teach MBSR to women in the villages of Kosavadi and Chatto, Roberts discovered many women were not able to attend a full two weeks. The reasons are embedded in Indian life. An earlier study conducted there by a Danish physician found that while the overall stillbirth rate is 27 per 1, deliveries in India, there were as many as per 1, in parts of Chhattisgarh.

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Then we ran into a holiday. They prepare for the Devali holiday for a month in advance. That was another significant delay. Recovery from stillbirth is a complex process that requires working through the loss of both child and pregnancy. Roberts discovered two reasons why Indian women who lose a child do not usually receive much support. Currently, she is seeking and collecting funds for the next phase of intervention.

Roberts is not alone in sensitizing the Indian health care community to the trauma of perinatal bereavement. Efforts by the government to reduce stillbirth are paying off, and more women are giving birth in hospitals. In , 84 percent of the women she interviewed preferred giving birth at home, but the percentage is lower today and continues to drop. I found a very high rate of grief, using the Perinatal Grief Scale. For me to ask these women to talk about it was cathartic. We shared a lot of tears. After returning to Loma Linda, Roberts analyzed the data, which confirmed that the level of suffering was staggering.

The program normally takes eight weeks, but the women she studied could not afford that much time off, so Roberts adapted the intervention to two weeks. Roberts with research assistants returning to the village of Mungeli after a day of structured one-on-one interviews. Research internship inspires teens to make a difference Growing up in the rough, inner city neighborhood of Inglewood in South Central Los Angeles, Love says school was not his highest priority and college seemed an unattainable option.

Arthur Love is far from your typical high school student. Typical high school students do not use words like glucocorticoid in their everyday conversation, and they certainly do not spend their summer days exploring new frontiers of prostate cancer research. But for Love, studying glucocorticoids and prostate cancer research is an exciting beginning to what may become a lifelong career.

The eight-week research internship program recruits promising Inland Empire high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds, such as households with no college graduates or students from minority groups underrepresented in the STEM science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines.

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Multiple ophthalmic disorders can present in neonates. Such disorders can be isolated or be associated with other systemic anomalies. Timely referral, diagnosis, and management are critical to allow optimal visual development. The critical period of visual development is in the first 6 months after birth. Infants who meet screening criteria for retinopathy of prematurity ROP should be screened to help prevent serious visual sequelae, including blindness.

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Pediatricians and neonatologists should identify ocular abnormalities and refer patients for detailed ophthalmic evaluation when deemed necessary. Track Neonatal Neurology :. Neonatal Neurology refers to a service that can delivery multidisciplinary expertise aimed at optimal care and protection of the new born brain—whether for premature infants or sick infants born at full term.

Track Neonatal Pathology :. Surgical pathology; examining and reporting tissue biopsies and specimens. Performing autopsies and placental examinations. Neonatal pharmacology setting is unique effective, result-oriented and safe drug administration in neonates should be based on two parameters:. Integrated knowledge on the evolving physiological characteristics of the newborn. Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of the given drug. Advances in the basic science research have improved our understanding of use of drugs.

Over and above all that, pharmacovigilance is needed to recognize specific adverse drug reactions ADRs. Track Neonatal Radiology and Anaesthesiology:. Paediatric radiology is a subspecialty of radiology involving the imaging of foetuses and infants. Although some diseases seen in paediatrics are the same as that in adults, there are many conditions which are seen only in infants. The specialty has to take in account the dynamics of a growing body, from pre-term infants to large adolescents, where the organs follow growth patterns and phases.

The first 30 days after birth are the time when most congenital and genetic defects are discovered and when babies are most susceptible to birth-acquired infections. Track Neonatal Nephrology :.

The Rise of Fetal and Neonatal Physiology : Lawrence D. Longo :

Stem cell transplantation SCT is rare in neonates or infants, there has been some research reporting an encouraging survival rate; as well as there are studies pointing SCT in infants as a controversial treatment. Lung diseases remain one of the main causes of morbidity and mortality in neonates. Cell therapy and regenerative medicine have the potential to revolutionize the management of life-threatening and debilitating lung diseases that currently lack effective treatments.

Preterm birth pattern a serious pediatric wellness trouble in the Canada, forming one of the leading causes of baby mortality in the country. The condition is on an alarming rise due to broker such as labor treatments, induced mortality, poor prenatal care, inappropriate maternal age, obesity, and smoking. Preterm baby care ware equipment, drugs, and formulae can thus be life-critical as they provide the respiratory, nutritional, and thermal backup necessary for the survival of pre-term baby.

New product launches and technology up gradation are the two main strategies adopted by the players to stay competitive in this market. The Vancouver, Canada market for preterm care devices. The availability of low-cost, locally manufactured devices is driving market growth, as these generate enormous revenues by widening consumer base to tier II and tier III healthcare providers. However, the decreasing incidence of preterm births is the major factor inhibiting the growth of the Canada market for preterm infant care products and services.

Also, the Canada government initiatives to lower preterm birth incidence rate are expected to significantly reduce the number of preterm births in the country. According to the Subject Core for Health, 1 in 8 Canada births are preterm and preterm birth rates in the Canada have declined from Maturity of the market and the relatively high penetration horizontal surface of distribution communication channel pose high entry barrier and challenges to market growth.

Therefore, companies such as Philips Respironics, Masimo Corporation, and Covidien are strengthening their regular distribution channels by deploying direct sales agreement force and increasing technical support faculty to stay competitive in this market. Scope of the report:.

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Fathers can effectively achieve heat conservation in healthy newborn infants. Postage cost can't be calculated. The word denotes the process of inactivating toxins that produce fever and inflammation. Infants who meet screening criteria for retinopathy of prematurity ROP should be screened to help prevent serious visual sequelae, including blindness. Recovery from stillbirth is a complex process that requires working through the loss of both child and pregnancy.